In this video and slideshare presentation, we discuss how SEO has changed over the years and what companies must do to change with the times. You’ll learn why Google has become more stringent in its ranking criteria, how online marketing is changing for the better, and what you can do to improve your site’s presence in search results without violating Google’s terms of service.

Furthermore, you will learn how to avoid the traps that Google sets to penalize websites and start building a strong online presence that will last.

If you are among the handful of people who want to learn more about machine learning, Google has just announced that they will make Tensor Flow open source. Over time, insights gained from this access might provide more insight into their algorithm used for ranking websites. As always, SEO continues to change and we anticipate and adapt to those changes. If you are interested in having a professional team of search experts at your disposal, you can read more here about what we do for our clients.