Analyzing the competition in Jacksonville can help with your digital marketing strategy, resulting in better growth of your website and business. A solid content marketing strategy needs to include a vital assessment of your position by keeping an eye on your competitor’s strategy. In order to rank your website, you must know your target audience and what all your competitors are providing.

When developing content and promoting it, be aware that older ways of generating traffic can prove ineffective. Here are five basic, yet useful, things that we do for the best companies in Jacksonville to rank their website:

Web page layout

For a rich user-experience, the layout of the web page should be user-friendly. Page loading time and user-friendly navigation play an important role in increasing the number of visitors to a website. Google cares about features like this when promoting one site over another. If it’s lacking, you will have a harder time getting noticed compared with companies whose layout is on point.

Content-driven website

Content is one of the most fundamental and important things that helps you to communicate your message to the user and customer. Keyword stuffing and SEO articles are all good but they are still ineffective if the overall quality of the content is compromised. Your articles need to have substance, and if possible, actionable advice.

The content you put on your site should reflect the motto or message you want to convey, providing readers with a sense of what you do and believe. After this, the content should be made search engine friendly as well, which is a different article altogether.

SEO and backlinks

These elements are probably among the most focused upon when it comes to improving the ranking of any website. There is no shortcut to SEO. Good businesses look for the keywords that are easy to rank first,  then build their backlink acquisition around those keywords. Once those are ranking, they move on to more difficult and competitive ones, until they start generating a lot of traffic to their website.

Adding unique content

For creating unique content, competitors search through the content of other’s websites and come up with the ideas that are lacking in other’s content. If the web pages of others have generic written content, competitors add graphics, images, and infographics to their page along with the written content.

Informative visuals are perceived easily than written content. Therefore, visual content attracts more users and is shared more as compared to written content.

Creating more and better headlines

Dividing the content into headlines not only makes it easier to read but also gets the user to spend more time on your website. Thus, it attracts more visitors to the website.

A website that blogs more can generate an increased number of visitors as compared to the websites that do not blog. Competitors post at least one blog or article daily to keep their website updated and responsive.

These five things are keys to get a better ranking for a website and can help you to outperform your competition.