Here’s one of the best-kept secrets in online marketing: 70% of all links that search engine users click on are organic. What that means is that people are more than twice as likely to find your website in search results than if you had tried to woo them by paying for online advertising.

It is absolutely vital for your company’s website to get to page one of search results in order to generate serious sales volume. In fact, over 71% of people do not click beyond the first page of results according to a recent study released at SMX East.

However, getting clicks and conversions poses a challenge because your competition is also fighting to defend and gain market-share. This is where search engine optimization or SEO comes in. Think of SEO as a tried and tested playbook that we use to help our clients climb to prominence.

Not convinced? Here at Jacksonville SEOs we’ve put together the five best reasons why your business should hire us to do your search engine optimization:

  1. Search engine optimization helps Jacksonville businesses get noticed online

The majority of people today look for goods and services using an online search engine like Google or Bing. For instance, a user typing in the keywords “Jacksonville attorney” or “restaurant in Atlantic Beach” can find pages of results within a couple seconds. Those businesses that are on the first page get approximately 95% of all the clicks, and the higher a site ranks, the more clicks it receives.

The question is, where does your website show up in the results when people are looking for a business or service in your industry?

By putting a SEO strategy in place for our clients, we help to push them up the rankings for their keyterms and to be seen by more members of their target audience. Getting on page one is crucial, since most internet users trust and rely upon that all-important first page of results for initial leads.

  1. SEO makes a website relevant and is essential for building an online brand presence.

With SEO pushing up a website in terms of rankings, like the case of the custom car parts supplier mentioned above, the keywords tend to get burned-in into the minds of the user. That is especially true when the user does find a site with relevant content. It cements the experience and the site evolves into a lead-generation machine. In fact, SEO is a much more efficient way to generate leads, and has been shown to be, on average, 61% cheaper than trying to get leads by phone or sales calls.

  1. Your competitors (at least the ones at the top!) are also doing SEO.

Of course, with the trend of SEO becoming an integral part of marketing, everyone is doing it. Your business should not allow competitors to dictate what customers think of you, but if your business gets pushed out of the search results by a competitor it will eventually become irrelevant online. Most users have to be desperate to go beyond page one of search results, and few will ever buy from any of the sites located there.

  1. SEO improves your brand’s profile.

Having strong SEO behind your company’s website will enhance your brand by increasing awareness. As your site rises in the search results, it becomes more popular, more people see it on a daily basis, they make purchases from you and talk about it with their friends, who, in turn, visit your site. This is why having a top rank for keywords is so highly valued in the Jacksonville business community, because proprietors know that search engine optimization increases sales and brand recognition.

  1. SEO allows you to reach people 24/7.

People do not always look for your business during office hours. However, with a well crafted website that ranks well, they can find you when it is convenient for them. Whether they are searching on a weekend or after hours, having an informative site that loads quickly and allows people to leave their contact information is like having a team of salespeople working around the clock.

How SEO is changing the business landscape in Jacksonville, Florida

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been around since the latter half of the previous decade. As the name implies, it is a way of making websites more attractive to search engine algorithms that find content relevant to local users. SEO gives businesses a way to stay on top or get to the top in terms of awareness or relevance within target markets.  Today, more businesses consider having an online presence essential for generating revenue and are beginning to realize the relevance of SEO for inbound marketing.

The advent of the internet and search engines like Google and Bing has made it possible for the general population to find businesses without having to leave the comforts of home. Our job is to help ensure that you are the one they find when looking for the goods or services you provide.