SEO is the be-all and end-all of online business. Unless your online content has a decent SEO score, you can’t expect it to perform well. In fact, you’ll probably fall behind the competition severely since literally every single modern business in Jacksonville, Florida relies on it.

Of course, even if you learn every tip and trick in the book, you’ll still make mistakes along the way. Some of these are due to misinformation; there are plenty of online sources out there that can tell you how to approach search engine optimization. Therefore, this article will provide a list of six extremely common misconceptions about SEO content.

1.  Poor Choice of Keywords

In order for your web content to be popular, it has to contain keywords related to your industry of choice. One thing you should never do is ignore keyword research tools, like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush. They will provide you with the best, most searched keywords on any topic. However, be careful not to stuff your text with keywords, as it will look sloppy.

2.  Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Both the meta description and the title tags have to be informative, descriptive, unique to your industry of choice, and specific. But most of all, they need to grab the reader’s attention.

3.  Disconnect Between Keywords and the Content Itself

Needless to say, your content and your keywords ought to match. If not, a reader might think you’re tricking them into reading something else entirely, which would give your business a bad reputation.

4.  Inadequate Linking

Business owners who do not add links properly can expect their ventures to fail. The formula behind good linking is simple enough:

5.  Poorly Crafted Content

What makes for well-crafted content? First of all, it ought to be informative, which you’ll achieve if you provide lots of data and statistics. Next, you need proper visual aids, like infographics, pie charts, and pictures. Finally, the content should be well written but simple enough for everyone to read.

6.  No Mobile Device Optimization

Millions of people don’t use personal computers and conduct most of their business via smartphones or tablets. With that in mind, always optimize your SEO content for mobile devices. It will give you plenty of coverage and thousands, if not millions, of potential followers.