Having an amazing website gives your business a definite advantage. Is your company website boring, lacking in content, or even non-existent? If so, WordPress is probably the solution for you.

If you have always thought of WordPress as a platform for personal blogging, you’re missing out on one of the best kept secrets in online marketing, because WordPress is an incredibly powerful, flexible, and popular platform for business websites. In fact,¬†almost 25 million websites are powered by the WordPress framework worldwide.

Nearly all of the websites we design are based on WordPress, but it isn’t just us. Famous brands like Yahoo!, CNN, TED, Fortune, Time, Samsung, The New York Times, and Ford trust¬†WordPress as well.

Still iffy? Here are the top four reasons why your company website should be using WordPress.

  1. WordPress is updated frequently.

Security issues are a major consideration for today’s business. One of the reason sites get hacked is because they fail to keep abreast with advances in programming and as a result, become vulnerable to hackers. ¬†WordPress is frequently updated to provide superior performance and heightened security.

Not only is the main platform regularly updated, but WordPress is highly flexible and customization, which makes it easier to keep your website looking modern. There are thousands of professionally designed themes already available for use, we we can customize according to your needs. In most cases, we can set up a unique, visually appealing website and blog for your business within a couple weeks. After that, adding content can be done on a regular basis without having to redesign the site with each new post.

  1. WordPress is an affordable solution

Programming costs tend to be fairly high for clients who require a completely custom design, but for small businesses, a WordPress site is generally more affordable than if your designer has to write the entire code from scratch. Though all WordPress sites can accomplish numerous tasks like collecting emails, managing appointments, selling goods and services, it is a highly-adaptable platform that allows businesses to do a great deal more without being prohibitively expensive.

  1. WordPress shows up in search engine results.

We east, sleep, and talk about search engines all day, but if you are unfamiliar with search engines, take it from us: WordPress is a great place to start. It is designed to be search engine friendly from the get go. Of course, no content management service is search engine optimized out of the box, but the user-friendly interface and supportive tools and plug-ins available on WordPress certainly make it easier to learn how to get your blog or website in the top results of major search engines.

  1. WordPress offers hundreds of business-related features

As your business grows, you will need a website that can scale and adapt according to your needs. Adding features to a WordPress CMS is typically much easier to implement, tweak, and monitor than a traditional HTML website. You will also have more control over the site itself than if you use a HTML site, and you won’t have to spend nearly as much on hiring developers to customize it on an ongoing basis.

If you’d like to talk about having us design a new website with WordPress, we’d love to connect and discuss the possibilities.