Why video marketing is the best thing your business can do right now

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If your business isn’t using video yet, you are missing a HUGE opportunity to rank for important keywords. In this article, we discuss the basics of video marketing to help get you started down the right path. Business marketing is not what it used to be even a year ago, and as with early adopters […]

How to get customers to visit your website

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On this page we are going to look at a few different methods for increasing the number of visitors to your website. We wish we could tell you that increasing website traffic is easy. Sadly it is not. You could have the best site in the world, but if you don’t put the effort into […]

What is local SEO?

The vast majority of ‘local’ companies nowadays will have been approached by a search engine consultant who claims that they need local SEO (hint: you do). What many search engine consultants are not too good at though is explaining exactly what local SEO is. They will be more than happy to rattle off the benefits, […]

Why aren’t you using video in your online marketing yet?

The single most important goal of any business is to maximize profits while creating a positive experience for clients. The one surefire way to make this happen is to expand your company’s customer base. But how? For centuries, businesses have tried numerous ways to generate a buzz about their services and products in order to […]