Reasons to Invest in SEO

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Businesses in Jacksonville with a strong internet presence are booming, and those who refuse to jump on the hi-tech bandwagon will undoubtedly be left in the dust. All major companies use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to reach potential customers easier and with better precision. If you need more convincing, keep reading this and see by […]

France threatens Google: Extend right to be forgotten or face sanctions

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The controversial ‘right to be forgotten’ law passed in 2014 forces Google to comply with requests made by citizens of EU countries to have personal information removed from search results. Until now, Google has simply removed results from within the country itself, not worldwide. However, for French citizens, this gerrymandering of search results is coming […]

Why aren’t you using video in your online marketing yet?

The single most important goal of any business is to maximize profits while creating a positive experience for clients. The one surefire way to make this happen is to expand your company’s customer base. But how? For centuries, businesses have tried numerous ways to generate a buzz about their services and products in order to […]

Do you need to disavow your old SEO?

In the past ranking highly in the search engines was dreadfully easy. All you needed to do was get as many links out there as possible and it did not matter where those links came from. The search engines are smarter now though. As a result, many of our clients come to us with tired […]