Five SEO myths to avoid in 2016

As Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, has gained in popularity, a number of myths have arisen. Like many SEO companies, the Jacksonville SEO team often has to educate clients who aren’t aware of all the changes Google made to their search algorithm in the last few years. After hearing some of these SEO […]

A brief history of SEO

In this video and slideshare presentation, we discuss how SEO has changed over the years and what companies must do to change with the times. You’ll learn why Google has become more stringent in its ranking criteria, how online marketing is changing for the better, and what you can do to improve your site’s presence […]

Why Is Nobody Visiting My Website?

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Many small companies jump on the ‘let’s-build-a-website’ bandwagon shortly before they launch, and with good reason. Not having a web presence means that you are invisible to the majority of consumers who are looking for a business just like yours. The problem, however, is that just having a website is not enough to generate sales. […]

France threatens Google: Extend right to be forgotten or face sanctions

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The controversial ‘right to be forgotten’ law passed in 2014 forces Google to comply with requests made by citizens of EU countries to have personal information removed from search results. Until now, Google has simply removed results from within the country itself, not worldwide. However, for French citizens, this gerrymandering of search results is coming […]

Why SEO is not a magic bullet

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Over the years, we’ve met just about every kind of client, big corporations, sole proprietors, mid-sized regional companies, e-commerce businesses, and so on. One thing we come across once in a while is a client who thinks of SEO as a quick, cheap, and easy way to unlimited riches. It is a similar kind of […]